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Personal Injury

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If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, and were not at fault, you may have a claim against the other driver for the injuries you sustained in the accident. At Fazzone Law, we recognize that whiplash and soft tissue injuries, though not visible on an x-ray, can greatly impact your physical health. Thorough preparation and creative strategies enable our law firm to successfully resolve claims, often without the necessity of a trial. If the case does necessitate a trial, we have the confidence and trial experience to proceed to trial against the largest of insurance carriers. Our legal experience gives us the skills to direct any proceeding to a desirable outcome.

We also handle medical malpractice claims, which is a type of personal injury law. Sometimes doctors or other medical professionals make mistakes. In order to recover on a medical malpractice claim, you must prove that your doctor or other health care professional made a mistake, and that you were harmed as a result of that mistake. Doing so is a complicated and expensive process. We have the necessary experience to prove and litigate medical malpractice claims.​


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